Suspected car thief: 'This is some Grand Theft Auto (expletive)!'

TACOMA, Wash. -- Three people were arrested after getting into -- in the words of one of the suspects -- "some Grand Theft Auto (expletive)" early Wednesday morning, according to charges filed in Pierce County Superior Court.

According to the charging documents, the victim got home around 5 a.m. and went into his garage, where he was immediately confronted by a masked man holding a gun.

The man asked the victim if he wanted to die and told him to hand over his keys and phone, which the victim did, according to the charging documents.

The victim later told officers he ran from the garage and watched as a green Ford Explorer parked nearby drove off followed by his now stolen Kia.

An investigation led officers to a house on 258th Street East where the victim's Kia was seen parked in a gated backyard. Despite officers seeing movement inside the house, no one would come to the door.

Officers got a search warrant and detonated a noise flash device on the front porch, drawing 23-year-old Terrance Kiestler outside.

According to the charging documents, Kiestler said he had been inside asleep all night and hadn't heard anything until the detonation on the porch.

He reportedly told officers, "This is some Grand Theft Auto (expletive)!" He explained that in the Grand Theft Auto videogames, after you steal a car SWAT units respond to arrest you.

Things went downhill from there for Kiestler. According to the charging documents, he changed his story and admitted he knew police were outside but was too scared to come out. He then reportedly blamed the stolen Kia on someone named Matt and said there was no "real gun" used.

When officers noted they hadn't said anything about a gun being used in the robbery, Kiestler paused and then said there was no "fake gun" either, according to the charging documents.

The victim was taken to the scene, where he told officers Kiestler resembled the man who robbed him in his garage.

The victim's phone was recovered from the Kia, where officers also reportedly found blood and a BB gun.

Kiestler was arrested, as was 21-year-old Jessica Bourquin and 21-year-old David Jones. According to the charging documents, Jones owns the Explorer and was driving at the time of the robbery, and Bourquin was a passenger.

All three suspects have been charged with robbery, burglary and theft.

Bourquin reportedly told officers she was happy to be going back to prison.