Suspect offers pretty lame excuse for burglarizing friend

LAKEWOOD, Wash. -- There are bad excuses, and then there's telling deputies you only burglarized a friend to show her how easy it would be to steal her stuff.

According to charges filed in Pierce County Superior Court, 25-year-old Marcus Bracken spent the night at a Lakewood house belonging to a female friend and her father June 18.

The next morning, the victim caught Bracken trying to leave with a backpack full of stuff belonging to her and her father, according to the charging documents.

The victim's father called 911 after hearing the two arguing and reportedly seeing one of his knives hanging out of Bracken's backpack.

According to the charging documents, Bracken ran off before deputies arrived, but he left his backpack behind.

Inside the backpack, deputies found:

Checkbooks belonging to the victim and her father, two copies of the victim's social security card, the victim's credit card, assorted personal pictures, a dictionary, an adult DVD, headphones, the victim's expired driver's license, a digital camera, four pocket knives, three watches, driver's licenses belonging to Lawrence and Lovella Vanhorn and Rachelle Smythe, EBT cards belonging to Milton E. Smith, Marion Hodges and Ashley Price, miscellaneous cords and charges, a baggie containing what appeared to be bath salts, drug pipes, and an unmarked medicine bottle containing a variety of pills.

When deputies contacted Bracken, he told them he wanted to collect the victim's belongings to make sure they were safe and to show her how easy it would be to steal them*, according to the charging documents.

He later reportedly changed his story and told deputies he was only collecting the victim's belongings to help her get organized**.

Bracken has been charged with theft and unlawful possession of payment instruments.

*A hypothesis seemingly proved false by Bracken's lack of backpack and overabundance of deputies.

**Apparently her collection of adult DVDs and other people's driver's licenses was getting a little out of control.