Suspect arrested, charged in 2015 Lakewood parking lot killing

Daniel Guerin (File photo)

LAKEWOOD, Wash. - A suspect has been arrested and charged in a deadly 2015 stabbing in a Lakewood parking lot that at first puzzled homicide investigators who could find no leads or motives in the case.

But friends of the suspect recently came forward. He was arrested and booked into the Pierce County jail Wednesday. David Gallegos, 30, has now been charged with second-degree murder.

Bail for him has been set at $1 million

The case initially unfolded on Aug. 27, 2015, when police were dispatched to a parking lot at Seeley Lake Park.

The victim, later identified as Daniel R. Guerin, 36, was found with several stab wounds. Guerin was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment, but he later succumbed to his injuries, according to Lt. Chris Lawler with the Lakewood Police Department.

Detectives say Guerin was found near his vehicle, a blue 2003 Chevy pick-up truck, but it's unclear when and where he was stabbed.

Prosecutors say he was stabbed to death for apparently no reason.

Guerin's mother, Vicky Jordan, said her son was bipolar and had been living in his truck for several months. She said he had recently received treatment for his mental illness and was doing well. Jordan said Guerin stayed to himself and didn't have any enemies.

Police had no leads on any suspects or possible motives. Both police and Guerin's mom asked for help from the public to put the pieces together, but investigators made little progress on the case at first.

Pierce County prosecutors say a person contacted law enforcement earlier this month to report that Gallegos had confessed to the slaying.

A second friend said Gallegos told him as they were driving that he had done "some bad stuff at Seeley Park" two years earlier, prosecutors say.

Prosecutors say Gallegos told the friend that he was sitting in the bushes on a bad high and saw a car pull into the lot. He was hearing voices and thought the driver was following him.

The friend worked with police and recorded a conversation with Gallegos.

That recording led to his arrest.

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