Super Bowl World Champion Seahawks shirts hit stores

SEATTLE - The first Super Bowl championship shirts hit store racks Monday morning hot on the heels of the Seahawks victory.

One shirt features most of the players on the front with the words "World Champions" at the top.

"Oh man. I want one of these. I want one of these," squealed Phyllis Testerman.

"It'll be bought. We'll buy probably three of them," said Lori Cox.

Workers fired up three printing presses to begin making the shirts only 30 minutes after the Super Bowl victory.

Silk Screen Co. in Seattle's Georgetown neighborhood is making at least 14,000 shirts Monday and could make more depending on the demand.

"We're trying to get the product out to the customer the same day or the next day," said Sergio Dias, who co-owns the printing company. He expects the championship shirts to hit store racks as far south as Oregon, east to Walla Walla and north to Bellingham.

The shirts get seven layers of ink and then ride through a 325-degree oven to bind everything together before they're shipped to a store for fans to buy.

The shirts hit store racks at Fred Meyer on Monday and Albertsons on Tuesday. They each cost $25.