Sumner hit-and-run victim saving lives as organ donor

SUMNER, Wash. - A local woman's sudden death is saving numerous lives.

Rachel Givens was hit and killed by a car over the weekend in Sumner, and now her organs are making their way to several others who need them most.

Rachel's parents and friends say they're turning to God to make sense of her tragic and sudden death.

"He might be taking, but He's giving it back. She's giving it back," says Rachel's close friend, Sarah Franklin.

They say where there is great loss and sadness there can also be great miracles - and happiness. And today, through tears, friends and family are watching Rachel give the very gift she was robbed of Saturday night.

"She was full of life," says Franklin. "She loved life so much."

A car hit her as she walked across East Valley Highway to the Log Cabin Pub. Police are looking for the driver.

Rachel's family and friends say they forgive and ask this driver to surrender.

"We don't condemn you. The family - they've forgiven you. They don't want vengeance," says Franklin.

And now the focus is on hope - and life. The focus is on all the lives Rachel will save and improve through her organ donations.

Grainy surveillance video reveals a small sedan or sports car hit Rachel. Anyone who knows anything about the collision is asked to call Sumner police.