Subfreezing temps create icy Friday morning commute

SEATTLE - Freezing overnight temperatures set the stage for an icy Friday morning commute in Western Washington.

Thursday's snow, slush and rain froze to many roadways, causing some fender-benders here and there.

The slippery conditions also prompted a few school delays. See the complete list here >>

King County says trucks have been out all night, conducting anti-icing operations and sanding roads and plowing slush or snow when necessary. The state Department of Transportation says they too will be out treating roads through the night.

Once the sun comes up Friday, we're looking at a mostly sunny, but chilly day with temperatures struggling to get into the upper 30s.

Another very cold night is on tap for Friday night -- likely even colder than Thursday night -- with lows in the 20-27 range. The roads won't be as wet but black ice is again another concern for Saturday morning.

Saturday will be mostly cloudy. We've been talking all week about perhaps some snow then but latest models are now considerably weaker with the system and keeping what little moisture there is west of Puget Sound -- maybe even just hugging the coast. And even then, maybe 1 inch.

For the Puget Sound region, just a chilly day with clouds and maybe a few flurries here and there with highs in the 30s.

Then a big, big, BIG ridge of high pressure begins to form and drop anchor right over the Pacific Northwest. It'll bring in an extended dry pattern that could last a week to perhaps 8-9 days. Suffice to say all next week will be dry and sunny after some patches of fog (especially earlier in the week). Highs will gradually warm to the mid 40s with still very cold nights in the mid 20s to low 30s. We'll have to watch for inversions and burn bans and the like but what we won't have to watch for is snow. Or rain.

Next chance of rain right now is sometime in the early January 20s.