Study: Seattle roads ranked 12th worst in US

SEATTLE - A Washington D.C. research firm, Trip, ranks Seattle the 12th worst major city with pavements in poor condition.

The study says 45 percent of paved roads in Seattle are in poor condition, and experts estimate it's costing the average driver $600 or more a year.

The cost is calculated using a combination of the depreciation of your car, extra gas, and maintenance like shocks.

Some car owners complain their low profile wheels are more susceptible to blowouts in potholes. And it's not just drivers with complaints, bike riders also say they often swerve to avoid unnecessary flats from poor road conditions.

"We actually hear that a lot," Kelly Stanton with Meineke Car Care says. "They say, 'We hit a pothole going down the road,' and it knocked their front end out of alignment."

The transportation budget for Seattle this year has more money allocated for non-road projects, and the State's transportation budget is minimal when it comes to road maintenance.

Trip points out that a federal study showed federal transportation funds need to increase by 21 percent just to keep major highways in their current condition.

Trip's recent study was funded by contractors who build transportation projects.