Students suspected in two burglaries at Seattle middle school

SEATTLE -- An Eckstein Middle School employee told officers she has a pretty good idea which students or former students could be responsible for breaking into the school twice this week and stealing more than a dozen iPads, according to the Seattle Police Department.

According to police, a custodian arrived at the Northeast Seattle school Monday morning to find someone had used a rock to break into the school through the custodian lunch room.

Once inside the school, the burglar used a fire extinguisher to smash out a number of other windows, including one that gave them access to the school's library, according to police.

The burglar then reportedly broke into a library storage room, cracking a computer monitor in the process, and used a hand truck to pry open a cabinet door. A school employee later found 13 of the cabinet's 18 iPads and possibly two laptops missing.

The employee told officers she thinks a student was responsible for the burglary because the intruder appeared to know exactly where to go, and she has an idea of what students or former students could be responsible.

Officers were able to pull fingerprints off the fire extinguisher and a few door handles.

At 3:30 a.m. Thursday, a security alarm was triggered at Eckstein, and officers arrived to find another window broken out.

According to police, the library was broken into a second time, but it was unclear if anything was taken.