Students, friends paint mural for murdered Woodinville teacher

WOODINVILLE, Wash. -- Students, former students, friends and strangers came together Monday to pay tribute to a beloved Woodinville teacher who was tragically {A href=""}murdered on Christmas Eve.

The group gathered at the Woodinville Skate Park to create a mural for Prudence Hockley, who taught English at Woodinville High School.

The students who showed up said the mural is just like Hockley: Artsy, bold and inspirational.

"We do love her and she was an expert in what she taught us and she was really inspirational," said Gabrielle Hall, who was in Hockley's AP language class.

The Skateboard Mural's bold colors are being replaced with all the things Hockley enjoyed. Some students are painting an Alaska skyline, while others work on Mt. McKinley, kiwi fruit and flowers.

"She would want us to be happy and enjoying ourselves. She liked artsy things, so I think she would be ecstatic that we are doing all this," said Rae Grainger.

For some the mural is a memorial wall, and for others it's a wailing wall.

"My first feeling was rage and anger at the man because she was one of the sweetest nicest people and I couldn't imagine anyone wanting to hurt her," said former student Anna Berlin.

A community shocked by such a savage and senseless murder now has a place to remember and heal.

"The whole Woodinville community knew her and loved her and how important she was," Hall said. "We want to come together and show her that, because I know she's looking down right now."

Hockley's boyfriend, Johnnie Lee Wiggins is charged with her murder.

Wiggins is in jail awaiting a court date next week.