Students fight back against chocolate milk ban

MAPLE VALLEY, Wash. -- A local school district has removed chocolate milk from its menus, but students aren't giving up their sugary drink without a fight.

The Tahoma School District has spent the past three years reworking its lunch menu to offer students healthier foods. It already did away with canned fruit, and now officials are taking chocolate milk off the menu.

"Chocolate milk was looked at because it's something that kids would drink every day, and there's a lot of sugar in chocolate milk," said district spokesman Kevin Patterson.

Angry students at Rock Creek Elementary School have voiced their displeasure with the ban in the form of a petition asking the school board to bring back the chocolate milk.

More than 130 kids have signed the petition, but the district so far hasn't budged on its decision.

In the meantime, kids in need of a sugar fix can still bring their own chocolate milk to school, or they can make do with the 1-percent, fat free and soy milk that the district is offering.