Student president at Christian university says he's atheist

EUGENE, Ore. -- The recently elected student body president of Northwest Christian University announced he is an atheist.

Eric Fromm told NewsSource 16 he never planned on attending a Christian university, but said he changed his mind after seeing a chapel service at Northwest Christian.

"I saw that excitement and I really wanted to be part of it. I felt at home I was raised Christian. My grandparents are very hardcore Christians," said Fromm.

NCU requires students to attend services at least 21 times each semester. While most go for religion, Fromm appreciated the sense of community.

He got involved in student government during his sophomore year. By senior year, he was approached to run for president of the student body.

Friends knew Fromm was an atheist, but he wondered if he could lead with beliefs that differed from his peers.

"I struggled for a good while over my decision. Should I really be doing this? Can I represent the student body?" said Fromm.

He decided to trust the voters and won.

Rumors swirled, so he decided to set the record straight explaining his beliefs in the student newspaper. He says the reaction has been very positive.

University president Joseph Womack believes asking questions and different perspectives are what learning is all about.

"You have seasons of doubt. Eric's a wonderful kid and a bright kid that is engaged in that process. This is a places I hope and firmly believe is welcoming to that," said Womack.

Eric told our reporters that he hopes his honesty inspires others to be themselves.