Student confesses to writing bomb threat in school bathroom

PORT TOWNSEND, Wash. -- Jefferson County prosecutors are reviewing possible charges for a 12-year-old Port Townsend boy who admitted to scrawling a bomb threat in a middle school bathroom.

Police say the boy, a sixth grader at Blue Heron Middle School, told police on Tuesday that he was responsible for writing the message, which forced the school to be evacuated on Friday so investigators could sweep the grounds for bombs.

The student said he didn't mean any harm when he wrote "Osama bin Laden I will bomb your school" in the bathroom. He said another student dared him to write the message, according to police.

A report for possible criminal charging is being forwarded to Jefferson County Prosecuting Attorney's Office. Threats to bomb or inure property is a Class B felony.

The school will handle any non-criminal discipline.