Stolen memories: Thief swipes local couple's wedding photos

SEATTLE - An overnight car break-in robbed a local wedding photographer of her camera and equipment - and stole a couple's priceless wedding photos.

The pictures were going to be part of Grant and Kimberley Wheeler's family heritage to show grandchildren and beyond - but they were snatched from a downtown Seattle parking garage in a common car prowl.

"It was not a good feeling," says Kimberly.

The newlyweds are honeymooning near Snoqualmie Falls, celebating Saturday's wedding. That's where they learned how a thief targeted their wedding photographer's car later that night.

Some $10,000 worth of professional camera equipment was locked in the trunk. It was all missing when the photographer returned.

"We would just really like to get the pictures back, sent back to us if possible," Kimberly Wheeler says.

The photographer's assistant still had a few photos of the wedding, but so many special moments with family members are gone.

Grant Wheeler says it's hard to bring so many loved ones together as they did for this day.

"The East Coast, New Jersey, United Kingdom, Scotland - so a lot of people over, trying to capture all of those moments - and it's kind of now we're losing that opportunity."

The photographer has promised a refund and to salvage what photos she can.

The Wheelers say a fitting final wedding gift could come from the thief. Just mail back the stolen memory cards no questions asked, they say, and let this couple get their marriage started off right.

"I know it sounds a little bit crazy, but it's the least they could do," says Kimberly. "Do something right."

Seattle police say they could use any tips. And as for those memory cards - Kimberly Wheeler asks that they be mailed back to them at her parents' church - Northshore Baptist Church in Kirkland.
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