Steven Powell tells judge he fears vigilantes in community

TACOMA, Wash. -- Steven Powell told a judge Friday he fears for his life because of all the vigilantism in the community. That came to light as Powell asked a judge to force the state to pay for his sex offender treatment.

The last time Powell entered the Pierce County courthouse, he was here to register as a sex offender just out of prison after being found guilty of voyeurism. He was caught photographing neighbor girls in the their bathroom.

This time, he was in court to register his complaint that he has to pay for his own court-ordered sex offender treatment. They are therapy sessions that he was denied getting while in prison.

"And I was concerned that because while I was in prison I was told that I was not amenable to treatment," Powell told the judge.

Sources have told us Powell makes the trips from where he's staying in Fife up to his sex offender counseling sessions in Federal Way by taking the bus. The state is tracking him by court-ordered GPS. The judge denied Powell's motion.

He also denied Powell's effort to keep cameras out of the courtroom. He told the judge "there's so much vigilante activity out in the community that I don't need my face out there on the media any more than it already is. My life is in danger because of people like this."

He pointed at the TV camera. We checked with Fife police and there have been no reports from Powell about any threats. However they do believe Powell is actively seeking another place to live, which has to be made public.

Of perhaps greater interest with Powell is: What are his thoughts on his families tragic past? What are his thoughts of his son Josh's suicide and murder his sons? And what about the disappearance of his daughter-in-law Susan? Powell declined to make any comment outside court.