State: Pierce Co. chiropractor sexually molested patient

Warning: This story contains graphic content.

OLYMPIA, Wash. -- A Pierce County chiropractor's license has been suspended for allegedly sexually molesting a female patient.

According to the State Department of Health, Dale Clark inappropriately touched a patient during a treatment session in early 2013.

Officials say Clark asked the female patient to lie on the floor for an adjustment. Once the woman was on the ground, Clark began "thrusting himself on the client," according to the Health Department.

The woman told Clark to stop what he was doing, at which point he allegedly said, "Let me finish," and continued until he "ejaculated in his pants," according to the statement of charges.

After the session, Clark repeatedly called the woman to apologize and offer free treatment, but she ignored the calls, officials said.

Months later, the woman began experiencing back pain and, because she didn't have health insurance, called Clark for treatment. During that appointment, health officials allege that Clark put his hand down the woman's sweatshirt and touched her breasts.

Clark's chiropractor's license has now been suspended. He has 20 days to respond to the charges and request a formal hearing.