State Patrol lieutenant rammed twice by driver on I-5

TACOMA, Wash. -- A Washington State Patrol lieutenant is sore, but otherwise OK after his cruiser was rammed twice by another car as they traveled north on I-5 Wednesday afternoon.

The lieutenant was approaching Bridgeport Way just after 12:30 when another car approached his unmarked patrol vehicle at around 90 mph and pulled right up to the lieutenant's rear bumper, troopers said.

The driver then made some gestures at the lieutenant and struck the rear of the patrol car, troopers said. The lieutenant pulled over a lane and the driver pulled alongside the patrol car and made obvious attempts to look inside -- an effort to confirm the driver was a police officer, investigators said. Moments later, the driver struck the side of the patrol car.

The lieutenant performed a PIT maneuver on the suspect's car, got the car stopped and arrested the driver. The 30-year-old Federal Way man has since been held for investigation of assault and possibly DUI, pending tests. Troopers say the man made comments that he knew it was a an officer driving a police car and he believed "people were fighting in the back seat and he wanted to alert the officer."

The lieutenant was taken to a local hospital to be checked out.

Troopers say the lieutenant is a member of their Honor Guard and was heading to Tacoma to be part of a ceremony Wednesday night.