'Star-Spangled Lawn' marks Independence Day in Leavenworth

LEAVENWORTH, Wash. - Local RV park owner Dave Haase is growing a giant American flag on his lawn in Leavenworth.

"If you're driving up or down Blewett Pass, you'll see it," Haase says

Eleven years ago when the Iraq War began, Haase wanted to make a statement about supporting troops. Now, with fertilizer and patience, Haase is growing a green-on-green 195-by-67-foot flag on the lush lawn at Blu-Shastin RV Park and Campground.

"It takes a bit of work to maintain and it's an expense, but it's always fun to see the kids out there playing on it," he says. "Tourists and the truckers all honk when they drive by."

Haase and his wife Karen have owned the RV park for 18 years, and say growing the flag has become part of their annual Fourth of July celebration.

To create the flag, Haase uses a template for the stars and hand sprinkles fertilizer one at a time until he has 50 spaced about 4 feet apart in a 44-by-36-foot box. Then, he sets a string guide for the stripes, and spreads fertilizer to alternating rows to get light and dark shades of green.

About 400 pounds of fertilizer was used this year, Haase says, and "it takes quite a bit of fertilizer and then you have to mow it a lot because the grass really grows."

Haase says the job takes about seven or eight hours to complete the project, and will last about six weeks before it starts to fade in August.