Stabbing victim orders more drinks before getting medical help

SEATTLE -- A 21-year-old man -- and apparent action-movie hero -- downed two shots of liquor before heading to a nearby medical facility after a bar fight left him with a serious stab wound, according to the Seattle Police Department.

According to police, the victim was in a bar near Broadway and Pike Street around 1 a.m. Monday when he got into an argument with another man.

The two took their argument outside and engaged in a brief brawl. As the victim was walking away from the fight, his side started to hurt, and he realized he had been stabbed.

Despite the 2.5-inch wound currently bleeding down his back, the victim went back into the bar and drank two shots before heading to a medical facility for treatment, according to police.

Staff at the medical facility called police, but the victim was unable to give a useful description of the other man.