SR 530 Landslide Commissioners tour Oso

EVERETT, Wash. -- Members of the newly appointed SR 530 Landslide Commission toured the slide site in Oso for the first time Friday. The day marked five months since part of the land high above the Stillaguamish Valley gave way.

"For the commission to come together for the very first time and actually see what we are going to be working on is absolutely critical," said Kathy Lombardo who is executive director of the SR 530 Landslide Commission.

The group of 12 commissioners were appointed by Governor Jay Inslee and Snohomish County Executive John Lovick. The group will focus its work on identifying recommendations related to the 530 slide. The ideas and suggestions will be put forth to improve planning and response for similar disasters across the state of Washington.

The members of the commission are experts in their field with a wide range of experience that includes land-use planning, geology, public safety and much more.

"The diverse opinions are absolutely incredible. The skill sets are critical to evaluating an event like this," said Lombardo.

The commission will meet nine more times before December 15th when their final report will be delivered to Governor Inslee and Lovick.

"I just hope the work of the commission will result in a safer tomorrow for all of us," said Paul Chiles who is a member of the SR 530 Landslide Commission and a former Real Estate Commissioner in Washington.

The group meets again August 28 at the Everett Community Center. All meetings are open to the public.