Sprint boat crash: The terrifying moments, frame by frame

TANGENT, Ore. - Video of a jet boat that crashed into a spectator area during a race shows how quickly the tone of the event changed from a day of high speed entertainment to one of instant terror.

Fortunately, no one was seriously injured at the U.S. Sprint Boat Association race in Tangent, Ore., over the weekend but there were sure some scary moments when a boat clipped an island and went straight into the crowd at 50 to 60 miles per hour.

Now, new photos have emerged from a photographer who was there shooting the race. Brian D. Kroll with Kroll Images caught the crash frame by frame in a series of images that show in detail what happened that day. And he's sharing them with us (view the photo gallery to the left).

The course is billed as the world's largest of its kind and is visible from Interstate 5 in the Tangent area (near Albany). There have been crashes there before, but this was the first time a boat had crossed the lawn and gone through a fence in front of spectators.

"It was driver error completely," said Kyle Patrick, who built the course. "He just hit the side and he was going so fast, and we've never had a boat that fast go in to the fence."

Organizers are now taking a close look at what happened.

"Unfortunately, it's just like Nascar," Patrick said. "You've got to have something happen so you can figure out what you've got to do to fix it."