Spokesman: Casey Kasem's health takes a turn for the worse

TACOMA, Wash. - Ailing radio icon Casey Kasem's health has taken a turn for the worse just days after he was taken to a local hospital by his daughter.

The latest development comes after a bitter family battle over his care shifted from Los Angeles to Western Washington, where his wife Jean brought him last month.

There are reports that Kasem is in a hospital in Pierce County. His daughter Kerri brought him there after a Kitsap County judge ruled that she could have him examined by doctors.

A spokesman for Kasem's daughter says his family has gathered at the hospital to be with him as his health declines.

It is the latest sad twist in a family battle that started in Los Angeles. Kasem's wife and daughter have been fighting in court over the 82-year-old's medical care.

Last month his wife moved kasem to Washington state for treatment for debilitating dementia. But a judge in California had ruled his daughter should be making medical decisions when it comes to his care.

A Kitsap County judge cleared the way for Kerri Kasem to move her father, and he was moved to a hospital on Sunday by ambulance. Kasem's wife protested the move by tossing a package of raw hamburger meat at Kasem's daughter and shouting a phrase about "King David" and "rabid dogs."

Kasem's condition is not known, but Kerri Kasem said at a court hearing in Kitsap County that her father is suffering from bedsores and lung and bladder infections.