Speeding Mustang slams into rail cars, causes diesel spill

      TACOMA, Wash. - A speeding Ford Mustang crashed through a fence along Highway 509 and slammed into parked rail cars, puncturing a diesel tank and causing a large spill, fire officials said.

      The incident began sometime around 1 a.m. when the driver of the Mustang apparently lost control while heading east on Highway 509 at high speed.

      The car crashed through a fence surrounding a rail yard and skidding into the rail cars parked there. When the Mustang hit the last rail car, it punctured a diesel tank and fuel began gushing onto the ground.

      A passer-by spotted the damage and called 911.

      Fire crews responded and found the spill, but the driver of the Mustang was nowhere to be found.

      A crew from the Department of Ecology responded to handle the spill. The size of the fuel spill was not immediately know, but a fire official at the scene said it was considerable.

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