SPD officers provide coats, groceries to robbery victim in need

SEATTLE -- A handful of Seattle Police Department officers went above and beyond the call of duty Saturday night, providing coats and groceries to a robbery victim who had nothing to keep him warm during freezing temperatures.

According to the police report for the incident, the victim was walking by John Muir Elementary School in the Mount Baker neighborhood around 5:50 p.m. when someone hit him in the head from behind, knocking him to the ground.

The attacker reportedly punched the victim in the face multiple times, kicked him in the back and stomped on his hands before running off with the victim's bag, which contained two sweatshirts and a pair of gloves.

The victim made it the six blocks back to his house and called 911, but officers were unable to find the robber.

While speaking with the victim, officers discovered his house had no working heat; the victim only had a small space heater in his bedroom despite it being 20 degrees outside. The victim said the sweatshirts and gloves stolen in the robbery were to keep him warm.

The house also had no working refrigerator and only one working stove top and two working lights, according to the report.

Officers asked the victim if he was hungry, and he said he hadn't eaten since visiting his 90-year-old mother in North Seattle that morning.

One officer gave the victim two warm coats while other officers went to a nearby Safeway and bought bags of groceries for the victim.

Seattle Fire Department medics, who were on hand to treat the victim for cuts, scrapes and swelling suffered in the robbery, completed paperwork to list the victim as a vulnerable adult so he could receive necessary services in the future.