SPD: No cases impacted by break in at evidence facility

SEATTLE -- According to the Seattle Police Department, no evidence was compromised and no cases will be impacted by the March break in at its SoDo evidence facility.

The department had been concerned that two men who inadvertently snuck into the vehicle holding area when the trailer they were occupying was impounded there could have possibly tampered with evidence in up to 10 cases, six of them active.

Now, detectives have reviewed those 10 cases and determined the evidence from the vehicles in the holding area at the time of the break in had already been processed and documented, according to police.

On March 30, an officer towed the trailer to the Seattle Police Department's Airport Way Center and left it alone over the weekend when the trailer proved to be locked from the inside.

Sometime over the weekend, two people exited the trailer and the facility. But, the department did not find out about the security breach until May, at which point surveillance footage had been deleted, leaving open the possibility the men may have tampered with evidence on their way out.

The break in was believed to be the first ever at the evidence facility.