SPD denies neighborhood's request for more patrols

SEATTLE - Residents in Ballard are raising concerns about crime in their neighborhood. They've put their message in writing, and sent it to city officials.

Neighbors say they want a greater police presence, but the Seattle Police Department says it's not that simple.

The Ballard District Council, along with the Central Ballard Residents Associations sent a letter to Seattle police, Mayor McGinn's office, and the City Council, requesting increased police patrols in the area.

The letter criticizes SPD's response time - citing Ballard's rapid growth in recent years - arguing the current number of police units on patrol just aren't enough.

They're asking for more beat officers to patrol popular areas like Ballard Commons Park and the central business area, and more regular bike patrols in central Ballard.

In response, Seattle police say they'd love to have more police everywhere, but the number of police patrols are assigned based on the volume of 911 calls in the area.