Spanaway woman rescued from vicious pit bull attack

SPANAWAY, Wash. -- An elderly Spanaway woman is recovering from severe bites after being mauled by two pit bulls.

And the attack could have been even worse, but strangers stepped in an stopped it.

Witnesses say the woman was walking alone down the sidewalk at 162nd and Pacific as the two free-roaming pit bulls went for her.

"They like grabbed her arm," said one woman who didn't want her name used. "She had an umbrella, they grabbed the umbrella and it was gone. Then they both jumped on her and knocked her in the ditch."

People stopped in the middle of the busy street and came rushing to help fight off the dogs. A Marine vet jumped right in to grab the dogs and got attacked himself.

"The man that helped her I think is a hero. He got in there. Got bit," the witness said.

Alana Hall watched in horror as people came to the rescue.

"One dog was hanging onto one person's arm and then onto one person's leg," she said.

Another man who wanted to remain anonymous was next into the fight.

"The dog started coming after me," he said. "A guy handed me a baby stroller and I used the baby stroller to get the dogs off the woman."

But witnesses say the dogs remain a threat, so a third man was handed a gun and shot one of the dogs. Sheriff's deputies arrived and shot and killed the second dog.

The owner of the dogs lives just down the street and said he awful about the attack.

"I just want to say I feel really sorry about the people," said Santiago Quezada. "And we're going to fix things, you know."

Quezada has a fenced yard and said he doesn't know how the animals got out.

"They're really nice dogs," he said. "They were raised with a family, with kids."

But now those dogs are dead and police say Quezada faces stiff fines and possible criminal charges. Police say the woman went through surgery to have a titanium rod placed in her arm. The man who helped her was treated and released