Seattle couple celebrating 10th anniversary injured by drunk driver in Mexico

A drunk driver ended a Seattle couple's anniversary trip to Mexico. Tim and Cote Soerens remain hospitalized at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle after multiple surgeries. (Photo: Cote family & friends)

SEATTLE - A drunk driver ended a Seattle couple's anniversary trip to Mexico. Now they're back at Harborview Medical Center facing a long and costly road to recovery.

Tim Soerens is has already had several surgeries. His beloved wife Cote is nearby, also dealing with serious injuries—including broken vertebrae, several fractures and internal bleeding.

On Thursday, Tim and Cote say they are deeply touched by the community’s support following a tragic turn of events.

“I’ve also seen the most incredible community rally around us. It’s that kind of fabric of care that our world so desperately needs. And to experience that love is the greatest gift I could possibly imagine,” Tim Soerens said in a video from his hospital bed.

The South Park couple was celebrating their 10th anniversary in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, taking some rare quiet time together. Their two young boys were home in Seattle with grandparents.

Late Saturday night, a drunk driver hit them head on, according to friends. The driver had his headlights off and is still on the run.

“The tragedy is both painful, but it is also a miracle to see the catalyzing of people’s love and care,” said close friend Paul Sparks.

Paul Sparks is Tim’s colleague through the parish collective.

He says the online fundraising site YouCaring has raised more than $43,000 to help the couple.

“It’s been so heartwarming,” said Sparks.

The couple will need all the help they can get to pay for hospital bills, recovery, and more, said Sean Dimond, who is another family friend.

“They’re not going to be able to work for a long time. They’ve got two little boys,” said Dimond.

Friends said Tim and Cote have been champions for marginalized communities.

“I’ve seen them pour their lives into people all over the world. They love community,” said Dimond.

“Tim is working on the neighborhood communities, and Cote is working on bringing people who have been discluded into the life of those neighborhoods,” said Sparks.

Now, the community hopes to support them.

“Try to help these people who have given so much of their lives in helping others,” said Sparks.

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