Son remembers dad lost in slide: 'That was a captured moment'

DARRINGTON, Wash. -- Steven Halstead remembers his dad with a beer in his hand and plain talk coming from those suds-coated lips.

Jerry Halstead is one of the bodies that still needs to be identified among the more than two dozen who lost their lives last month in the Oso slide. Thursday, Halstead's wife and Steven's stepmother Gloria was identified by the Snohomish County Medical Exmainer.

Steven lives in Everett and said both Gloria and Jerry were that special breed from a different generation.

"Dad was a hardworking guy. Very devoted when he's at working at something," he said.

Steven said their property on Steelhead Drive was a sanctuary for the entire family.

"Going up there, time slowed down. You can enjoy things," he said.

He wants his father and stepmother to be remembered as plain folk who didn't take guff from anyone. Steven said they were a family of principle that worked hard at Boeing and harder at relaxing in retirement.

That is what he wants to pass along to the nine grandchildren that the Halsteads leave behind.

"It's all about the people the way they lived, not by the way they died," he said.