Son: 89-year-old mom left for Everett Mall and never returned

EVERETT, Wash. -- A Marysville man told police he's convinced the elderly woman who stopped by his yard asking for directions is the same woman who's been missing for a week.

"We realized something was wrong Wednesday evening," said a very worried Pat O'Neil.

O'Neil is searching for his 89-year old mother, who left her Everett home to buy makeup at the mall a week ago.

"She didn't come back. She went off to the Everett Mall around 2:30 p.m. and never returned," said O'Neil.

The more days that pass with no sign of Ethel O'Neil, the darker her oldest son's thoughts become.

"I don't even wanna go there," he said.

O'Neil says his mom took off July 16 in her steel blue 1987 Chevy Nova for the three mile trip, leaving behind her poodle Missy and her anxiety and depression medicine.

He says it's out of character for his mother to say she'll return and not, but adds she likely has early onsets of dementia. She has a cell phone, but relatives doubt it's on. She has credit cards, but there's no sign she's used them.

Relatives met with Everett police hoping for an update or new leads. Both family and police are turning to Twitter and Facebook to spread the word, but they've exhausted all leads.

"We believe there's a couple locations out in the Lake Stevens area where we believe she asked for directions on how to get back into Everett. That was last Wednesday, and since that time there haven't been any solid leads," said Everett police spokesman Aaron Snell.

Everett police have reached out to other agencies for more resources and are joining Ethel's family in asking the public to help crack this case. Weather permitting, the Washington State Patrol could use an airplane equipped with a heat sensor to help in the search.