Some Seattle kids allowed to skip class for parade

SEATTLE - The superintendent of Seattle Public Schools has changed his mind about Wednesday's Seattle Seahawks victory parade.

Superintendent Jose Banda announced on Tuesday that he is now leaving it up to individual school principals to decide if it's appropriate for their students to get excused absences if they skip school to attend the parade.

He made the announcement after a meeting with district principals.

Seattle will have school on Wednesday and there will be in-school celebrations. But some kids will be allowed to travel downtown for the parade and get that absence excused as long as parents call or write the attendance office.

Banda said state law allows principals the flexibility to do what they feel is best for their school community.

Other School District Policies

* Bellevue: "All Bellevue School District schools will be in session on Wednesday, February 5, 2014. Any student absence requires parent approval."

* Issaquah: "If parents choose to take their student(s) out of school Wednesday, they must inform the school of their intention and it will be treated as an approved activity per our district attendance policy and therefore an excused absence."

* Renton: "Parents can choose to take their students out of school, but per state regulation and district policy, it will be treated as an unexcused absence."