Some Boeing machinists feeling 'buyer's remorse' about vote

SEATTLE -- Members of the machinist union will rally Wednesday afternoon to demand a vote on the latest Boeing contract proposal.

Some machinists say their co-workers are facing "buyer's remorse" after turning down the first proposal in November. That vote overwhelming said "no" to Boeing's proposal.

The key sticking point has been, and continues to be, the conversion of machinist's pension plans into 401k plans. After union leadership failed to recommend the newest proposal to a vote, employees say they received an email Tuesday from Boeing Division CEO Ray Conner.

His email tells employees that Boeing will begin narrowing down sites in other states for the production of the 777X.

"And I believe it. Some people don't believe it. Some people don't believe that Boeing could leave well that's what they said about Detroit," said machinist and 16-year Boeing employee Rob Lajudice.

Machinist Paul Fritzler said the email shows how serious Boeing is taking the 777X out of state.

"It was scary before thinking that they might move it out, and now with that email it really puts the fear into us," he said.

They both said they'd rather give retirement concessions than lose employment. They also say their biggest fear is what this could do to the entire region but particularly Snohomish County and the small businesses that rely on Boeing.