Snowball 'attack' may lead to criminal charges at U. of Oregon

EUGENE, Ore. --- It doesn't snow very often on the University of Oregon campus.

The football team challenged fans to a playful snowball fight on Friday afternoon but it somehow turned into a mischievous and dangerous attack.

Some students blocked traffic, swarmed cars and pelted snowballs at drivers in the middle of campus, preventing people from driving away.

Someone in the crowd recorded a couple minutes of video and posted it on YouTube.

By Sunday, university police and the Dean of Students Office were working together to identify and track down the students in the video.

A spokesman for the police department confirms a sergeant watched the footage and believes the students could have been committing criminal offenses such as disorderly conduct or harrassment.

KATU confirmed one of the drivers was a retired art history professor on his way to donate paintings to the campus museum.

The video shows him getting out of his car and confronting students.

Another driver was a university employee, Kathryn Mayfair.

"There were priobably 100 to 200 students, a select few leading the charge. They stopped my vehicle, pelted it with snowballs packed pretty hard like iceballs," Mayfair told KATU News on Sunday.

"It sounded like a rock hitting the windshield driving down the freeway," she said.

Mayfair described a group of people trying to dump a bucket of snow into her car when she rolled down the window.

Dean of Students Paul Shang said he's helping police officers figure out who's in the video.

"I've looked at the video repeatedly," Shang said. "We'll certainly be persistent identifying students and talking to them about their conduct."

Shang also told KATU he called the professor in the video and personally apologized.

Late Sunday, one of the Ducks players apologized, too.

Andre Yruretagoyena tweeted, "Embarrassed by the video I just watched. That's not all of us, sending the sincerest apologies."

Embarrassed by the video I just watched. That's not all of us, sending the sincerest apologies.

Andre Yruretagoyena (@BigAndreAZDK) December 8, 2013