Photos: Small plane removed from water off West Seattle

Photos courtesy of James Bratsanos.

SEATTLE - A crane and barge removed a small plane that landed in the water off West Seattle on Monday.

The barge quickly took the plane away.

The plane was on an instructional flight at the time of the water landing, investigators said.

Tom Little, senior accident investigators with the National Transportation Safety Board, said the Cessna 172 four-seater was being used for an instructional flight from Boeing Field through the Galvin Flying program. It was en route back to Boeing Field when it crashed.

Both occupants of the plane - the pilot and student - were able to escape without injury. Little said he hadn't yet established which of them was piloting at the time of the crash landing. Their names were not released.

The cause of the crash was a "loss of power," Little said - but he said investigators have not determined how or why it lost power.

The small plane crashed offshore near the 6000 block of Beach Drive Southwest in West Seattle.

Aerial footage from the scene captured by KOMO's Air 4 showed the plane submerged in shallow water not far from shore with the tip of its tail protruding above the surface of the water. Officials said the aircraft sustained significant damage in the crash.

The Coast Guard, Seattle Fire Department and Seattle police responded to the scene.

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