Skagit Co. detectives believe same man raped two women

CAPE HORN, Wash. -- Skagit County detectives are searching for the man they believe sexually assaulted two women inside a Cape Horn park.

Chief Deputy Chad Clark said the two victims described the attacker as a 6'2", 220-pound man who wore a ski mask.

Both attacks happened at night inside the park, with the first reported on December 20. Deputies learned about the second attack eight days later when they received a 911 call about gunshots being fired inside a home.

The woman told detectives she spotted the same man who sexually assaulted her on December 26 trying to sneak in her bedroom window. Detectives say the woman fired several shots, but accidentally shot herself in the arm.

Deputies found the pistol outside the window while a K9 did not pick up a scent of the suspect.

Detectives say they collected evidence and sent it to the State Crime Lab for analysis.