Six-year-old's sign shaming bike thieves helps police find stolen bike

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Roxy, the 6-year-old who laid it on thick by shaming bike thieves with a yard sign, just found out a good guilt trip can work wonders.

We first met Roxy a few weeks ago when a viewer pointed out her sign. It said "Shame on you bike thieves!" Followed by about have a dozen sad faces and a few other choice words for the "villains".

"Your mom would be so disappointed," Roxy wrote. "Sincerely, your resident 6-year-old."

She was fighting mad a few weeks ago when thieves stole her dad's bikes after breaking into the family's garage.

She didn't figure she'd actually get the bikes back.

"It's just that I don't think their mom or their dad would want them to be a bike thief," Roxy told KATU.

Roxy underestimated her sign. It got a lot of attention and brought in a few tips for police, including one with pictures from someone who spotted a bike just like Roxy's dad's. KATU helped pass along those photos to police who took a license plate number, tracked down the folks who had the bike and found out they bought the custom road bike off the street for $50.

Detective Travis Fields with the Portland Police Bureau made Roxy's day, when after long day of detective work, he hand-delievered that bike to Roxy.

"Six-year-old's can do amazing things. I talked to the detective he said she was thrilled. It's empowering for her and she knows people do care and police were working hard to help," Sgt. Pete Simpson told KATU.

Roxy's message to police and everybody who made her sign matter: "Thank you!" She said.