Sick teen gets his wish to swim with the sharks

TACOMA, Wash. -- Diving with sharks may not sound like a wish that most of us would pursue, but one young man battling a brain tumor had his Make-A-Wish come true which was exactly that: Diving with sharks at the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium.

Sharks send chills up the spine of most people -- even relatively docile sharks at the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium.

But not 18-year-old Craig Lehman of Wichita, Kansas. He got exactly what he wished for.

Lehman got to put on an orange dive suit and go into the tank, staring at the sharks face to face. Submerged and nearly weightless, it was clearly a chance for the teenager to forget about his long battle with a brain tumor and the aggressive chemo he's chosen for recovery.

"Fantastic! Oh my gosh., it was great!" Lehman said.

Lehman has made his parents and friends extraordinarily proud while he fights for his life. His mom saw real value; no danger.

"I would let him do this a million times if that's what it took to bring him joy again," said Melanie Lehman.

Craig Lehman has been a huge fan of sharks for years and correctly knows they are among the most important thing in the sea.

"They look like they want a big hug and they're misunderstood," Craig Lehman said. "They're just grumpy- you just gotta work with them. They're like us in the morning."

After the visit, the sharks go back to their normal routine. Lehman goes back to his more chemo, more pain, but full of life.