Shot hotel bellman: 'It scared me so much'

SEATTLE -- Roberto Sandoval still can't believe {A href=""}it happened.

The sound of the gunfire echoed off hotel windows and the walls of the federal courthouse last Friday morning. Moments later, the Mayflower Hotel bellman found himself facing a masked man.

"When the guy turns around, I see the mask and it scared me so much. What the hell is that?" he said.

Sandoval chased the man for blocks, then wrestled with him. The masked man pulled the trigger, hitting Sandoval in the arm.

"I hear the three shootings and oh my, I know the guy killed me," said Sandoval.

But before the worst could happen, a group of men piled on top of the gunman. One of them was Harwood Parker.

"It took approximately seven of us to get the cuffs on him," said Parker, who was a block away when he heard the shots.

Today he's back to selling Real Change newspapers. he didn't hesitate to jump into the fray; his personal safety was a secondary concern. He wanted to protect his neighborhood.

"These people have stuck with me through times when I was really down and out," he said.

As for Sandoval, he is slowly back on the mend. He has good mobility on his hand. His arm is still in pain, and he is taking a good amount of pain medicine. But he is expected to fully recover.

And his wife is relieved the worst didn't happen.

"I'll only say, 'Thank you, God' because my husband is here," said Lebaci Sandoval.

The suspected gunman is due in court on Oct. 8.