Shoplifter threatens grocery worker with knife, attacks him with vodka bottle

FERNDALE, Wash. (AP) - Police in Ferndale say a teenage grocery store employee who confronted two suspected shoplifters got his arm broken when one of the young men attacked him with a bottle of Grey Goose vodka.

Lt. Bill Hatchett says the shoplifting suspects each had two bottles of vodka when they walked out of the Haggen store on Sunday evening.

Police say one of the young men tripped as he started running away so the grocery worker was able to catch up to him. Hatchett says the second suspect first threatened to stab the employee, then hit the teen with one of the vodka bottles, shattering the glass and breaking the employee's arm.

The Bellingham Herald reports that Eric Robinson Jr. and Tytan Jameson were arrested nearby and booked for investigation of first-degree robbery.