Shooting at Tacoma storage facility leads to murder charge

TACOMA, Wash. - A deadly shooting Tuesday at a Tacoma storage facility has led to a second-degree murder charge against a 38-year-old Tacoma man, says the Pierce County Prosecutor's Office.

The suspect, Agyei McDaniel, 38, is accused of shooting 40-year-old Patrick Nicholas following an extended argument. McDaniel was arraigned Thursday in Pierce County Superior Court, and bail was set at $1.5 million.

According to court records, McDaniel and the victim were at a storage facility in Tacoma with their spouses on Thursday. The couples, who are related by marriage, have neighboring storage units.

McDaniel and Nicholas had been arguing all day, and both were carrying guns.

McDaniel later told police that Nicholas "ran up" on him and reached into his coat pocket as if grabbing for a gun. McDaniel then shot the victim twice, then fled the scene with his wife, according to court files.

Nicholas was taken to the hospital and died Wednesday.

An investigation showed that both McDaniel and Ncholas have ties to the Hilltop Crips, and that McDaniel has prior felony convictions.