Sheriff's Office: 2 dead in murder-suicide at Pierce Co. chiropractor's office

Police say there was a murder/suicide at this chiropractor's office in McKenna.

MCKENNA, Wash. - A tragic scene unfolded Wednesday as the husband of the receptionist at a Pierce County chiropractor's office reportedly walked in and shot the chiropractor to death as a massage therapist there looked on in horror.

The gunman then took his own life minutes before his wife pulled up and witnessed the bloody aftermath of the murder-suicide.

The Pierce County Sheriff's Department says they got a 911 call at 8:25 a.m. about the shooting at the McKenna Chiropractic clinic of Dr. Robert Sowers in the 9100 block of 346th Street.

Department spokesperson Detective Ed Troyer said it appeared Dr. Sowers was the victim. The Pierce County Medical Examiner's Office later confirmed that.

The gunman was later identified as Robert Knapp, 35, of Roy.

As detectives searched Knapp's car, they interviewed his wife, who works as a receptionist for Dr. Sowers, 46, of Yelm. She pulled up in her car just after Knapp came in with a shotgun, killed Dr. Sowers and then himself.

"Why someone was that angry to do it? Because Bob never had enemies," said the victim's friend, Amber Baxter.

As the shooter's wife was whisked away from the scene, detectives say they still don't have a solid motive. KOMO News has learned they're looking at possible trouble in the shooter's marriage with the employee, but nothing concrete.

Now the question is - what's going to happen to the clinic and all of its employees?

Dr. Sowers leaves behind a wife and two young children.

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