Sheriff: Suspects arrested after forgetting keys at burgled house

STANWOOD, Wash. -- Two suspected burglars were arrested Tuesday afternoon after one of them forgot his keys at the Stanwood home they had just ripped off and went back to retrieve them, according to the Snohomish County Sheriff's Office.

According to probable-cause documents, 27-year-old Jeremiah Johnson and 29-year-old William Dixon were on their way home to Mukilteo after stealing four flat-screen TVs, a laptop and some jewelry from a home in the 5900 block of 140th Street Northwest in Stanwood when Johnson realized he had left his keys behind.

The duo turned their low-rider truck around and returned to the scene of the crime around 1:15 p.m., according to the documents. That's when a witness called 911 to report the suspicious vehicle. She told the Sheriff's Office she was concerned because of the recent burglary.

According to the probable-cause documents, a deputy arrived just in time to watch Johnson hop into the truck's passenger seat and the truck drive off.

The deputy followed the truck for a few blocks until it pulled into a house's driveway and parked, at which point he contacted the driver, Dixon.

According to the documents, Dixon was driving the truck with a suspended license and was arrested. He refused to answer questions without a lawyer.

Johnson, who had been informed he was not under arrest and was free to leave, stuck around to talk to deputies. According to the probable-cause documents, he said he and Dixon were meeting with his brother's friend John to buy a TV. He said they didn't know the area and had gotten lost.

At that point, Dixon changed his mind and decided to speak with deputies. According to the documents, he admitted to the burglary and spilled the beans about the forgotten keys.

Dixon said he and Johnson had not planned to burglarize the house, they had just been driving around the area. According to the documents, he also said it was his first burglary, and he only did it because he had been robbed, had less than a $1 to his name and needed the money.

Dixon and Johnson were arrested for investigation of residential burglary.