Sheriff on the hunt for whoever damaged 175 road signs

Someone is damaging Douglas County's road signs, and Sheriff Harvey Gjesdal has had enough. Now, the county is offering reward money for anyone with information on who is shooting, stealing, defacing and otherwise making its signs look like a shot-up T-1000.

Destroying road signs creates dangerous conditions for everyone driving on the roads and costs taxpayer money to repair and replace -- money that could be better used improving the roads themselves, Gjesdal said in a press release.

Since January 2012, approximately 175 Douglas County road signs have been damaged at a cost to the county of almost $14,000, more if you count the time it takes law enforcement to respond and investigate, Gjesdal said.

"We implore people not to damage county property designed to help our citizens," Gjesdal said in the press release. "Damaging road signs is a crime which could lead to a felony arrest depending on circumstances."

Whoever is responsible could also face additional charges for shooting from a roadway and having a loaded firearm in a motor vehicle.