Sheriff: King County to hire 14 more deputies

SEATTLE - The King County Sheriff's Office will hire 14 more deputies in the coming months using money saved from the existing budget, Sheriff Steve Strachan said Friday.

Strachan said good budget management by his patrol operations command staff and sergeants have helped to keep overtime costs down. As a result, funds from current vacancies are being used for the new hires.

"Because of the good work of our people at the front lines responsible for managing day to day budgets, we can fill some of those vacancies and put more cops on the street," Strachan said.

He said the additional hires will increase public safety for King County residents.

The plan calls for hiring four new deputies through Oct. 31, then five in November and five in January 2013.

The Sheriff was joined by King County Executive Dow Constantine and Council Members Joe McDermott and Kathy Lambert in making the hiring announcement.

"I commend our sheriff for managing resources to hire these deputies and keeping public safety in our unincorporated neighborhoods as a priority," said Lambert, chairwoman of the Law, Justice, Health and Human Services Committee and representative of one-third of King County's unincorporated area residents.

"I appreciate Sheriff Strachan and his staff for piloting a lean project that cut the use of overtime, helped fill vacancies, and put more police on the street," added Constantine.