Sex offender charged with kidnapping co-worker's son

FIFE, Wash. -- A sex offender convicted of child molestation six years ago has been charged with kidnapping a co-worker's 8-year-old son and taking him to a motel room last Thursday in Fife, according to charges filed in Pierce County Superior Court.

According to the charging documents, 69-year-old Charles Wunder works at Denny's with the victim's mother and lives out of his car behind the restaurant. The victim's mother, who was not aware of Wunder's past, let her son spend time with Wunder around the restaurant.

On July 10, the victim's mother left her son with Wunder while she worked her shift at Denny's. When she went out to the parking lot to find him around 11 p.m., both Wunder and her son were gone, according to the charging documents.

After learning that Wunder, who was not answering his phone, was a sex offender from her other co-workers, the victim's mother called police.

While the victim's mother was speaking with officers in the Denny's parking lot, Wunder returned with her son, reportedly claiming to have taken her son to a fast-food restaurant and then to the waterfront to look at boats.

But, the victim told his mother Wunder took him to Dairy Queen and then to a motel room, where they watched TV on the bed.

According to the charging documents, Wunder initially admitted to renting a hotel room but denied taking the victim there. Later, he reportedly told police he took the victim to the motel room and hugged him on the bed to show he cared about him.

Wunder told police that "things were starting to happen all over again just like seven years ago" and said he was sick and sometimes couldn't control his urges, according to the charging documents.

"It's always in the back of my head," Wunder reportedly told officers. "I have to work to keep it away."

According to the charging documents, Wunder said things were turning sexual in the hotel room, including him touching the victim's leg, when his phone started ringing.

The victim told police Wunder asked him not to tell his mother about the sex and him touching his leg. But, the victim was resistant to answering any further questions.

Wunder has been charged with sexually motivated kidnapping, attempted child molestation and failure to register as a sex offender.