Secret Seattle Santa donates 3,500 pounds of steak for homeless dinners

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SEATTLE - The kindness of strangers during the holidays can be profound and inspiring. On this Christmas, one person's actions touched the lives of hundreds of needy people who count on Seattle's Union Gospel Mission for a hot meal. A Secret Santa donated more than 3,500 pounds of steak to be served for Christmas dinners for the homeless.

On Christmas, Susan Ammond volunteered at Union Gospel Mission for the first time, serving up a very special meal to the homeless.

"It warms my heart," said Ammond. "For these people here, it’s our way to show them how much we love them. They’re human and there’s someone thinking about them every day of the week whether they’re here or not."

This year, guests got a big surprise for dinner. Everyone who showed up for Christmas dinner at the Union Gospel feasted on a rib-eye steak thanks to a donor who wants to remain anonymous.

“We're talking 3,500 pounds of rib-eye steak. It’s a big deal,” said Jordan Fisher, Union Gospel Mission’s executive chef. “You don't see it every day at an organization like ours.”

The downtown shelter typically serves 1,000 meals a day. Chef Fisher couldn't have been more surprised by the generous donation.

“I think I was in shock,” said Fisher.

Catalina Chavez turns to the union gospel mission three times a week for a hot meal.

“This is my only dinner so this means quite a bit ot me,” said Chavez.

A steak dinner is a big treat.

“I love it. It's delicious and somebody made the effort to make sure we ate good today. That's a blessing,” said Chavez.

“I think it's great,” said guest Gerald Harris. Harris eats here almost every day. For him, Christmas is a bit merrier thanks to this meal.

It's a gift that lit up a lot of faces, one that does not go unrecognized.

“Yes it was anonymous. So, if you're out there listening, thank you so much for that donation. We really appreciate it,” said Fisher.

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