Seattle 'Skinny House' hits the market for $700K

A new home in the North Beacon Hill neighborhood is for sale for $700,000. It's 1,600 square feet, and only 10-feet wide. King County parcel records indicate the plot is approximately 20-feet-wide by 95-feet-long. (KOMO Photos)

SEATTLE - A new home in the North Beacon Hill neighborhood is shining a spotlight on the demand for space in the city. And it's for sale.

Dubbed the "Skinny House" by neighbors and realtors alike, the 1,600-square foot, $700,000 home is only 10-feet wide. And that's on the outside.

Inside, the width of the entire home shrinks to just nine feet. But those who take the tour tend to agree: It lives larger than it looks.

"I call it my slice of Heaven," says builder Nick Higgs.

When Higgs saw the 1,900-square-foot lot, he also saw an opportunity. King County parcel records indicate the plot is approximately 20-feet wide by 95-feet long. It was vacant when Higgs purchased the land. A permit to build was requested in December 2015, and received approval a few months later, records show.

City codes require new construction be set at least five feet from the property's sidelines, limiting designs to ten feet in width. But at 58 feet in length and eight levels of living space, Seattle-based Ryan Rhodes Designs worked with Higgs to create a unique urban oasis.

"Everybody thinks it's a tiny home," Higgs says. "Until you get inside, and you realize it lives very well. It's very spacious."

Buyers seem interested, at least in getting a peek inside.

"We had nonstop traffic at our open house last weekend," says Bridget Franklin, the home's listing agent. She says the home is a first for her.

"I've never had an opportunity to tour, let alone list anything as unique as this house," she says.

To make use of the space, Higgs used an open, centrally located switchback staircase. Each landing delivers visitors to a different room of the house.

"Each bedroom has its own level," Franklin says. "The master bedroom has its own level. Even the master bath. And the two rooftop decks."

Even with its high-end finishes, stainless steel appliances, incredible views, and - by Seattle standards - attractive price, Franklin and other realtors admit it may take a special buyer to pluck this home off the market.

"I think this one might not be as competitive as others because it's so different," says realtor Daniela Arce. KOMO News asked Arce to view the property for an outsider's perspective.

But Arce also says a lack of competition may actually make the property more attractive to Seattle-area buyers who are burned out on bidding wars.

"I think it will take a particular buyer with a particular taste," Arce says.

Higgs and Franklin know their buyer is out there. Until then, the one-of-a-kind home continues to get plenty of attention.

"There's something of an adventure in it," Franklin says. "The house just flows... it all just fits together."

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