Seattle pot dispensary burglarized twice in one month

SEATTLE -- A local marijuana dispensary was burglarized twice in the span of a month, and the shop's CEO says she's frustrated the crook is still on the loose.

Choice Wellness Center CEO Dawn Darington said the same man targeted her pot dispensary twice in recent weeks, and she watched it all unfold on surveillance camera.

"It was actually heartbreaking," Darington said of the burglar. "We had really tried to help him. He really seemed like he wanted to improve the quality of his life."

Darington said the burglar made off with more than $36,000 in cash, property and merchandise.

"We're running a business here. We're trying to help patients and to lose what we use to help patients is very devastating," she said.

Darington said a few weeks after the first burglary, the man came back for a second time. He forced his way into the building and took about $2,000 worth of items.

In both cases, Darinton said she filed police reports. Officers took the jars with the burglar's finger prints, but Darington said she's frustrated by the lack of progress in the investigation.

"It just kind of shocked me that over a month there's no warrant," she said.

While she waits for justice, she hopes her business and clients don't become victims again.

"I have everything in my life in this business to help patients and to come and just take it -- it's wrong," she said.