Seattle police searching for truck driver after fatal hit-and-run

SEATTLE -- Police are investigating an accident that left a woman dead in Seattle's First Hill neighborhood Thursday afternoon.

Investigators say a large commercial vehicle collided with a pedestrian just after 3:30 p.m. in the 800 block of James Street, not too far from Harborview Medical Center.

The woman was dragged for nearly a block, and officers and medics arrived to find the pedestrian dead at the scene.

The vehicle drove away from the scene, police said, but they are still investigating whether the driver was even aware a pedestrian had been struck and haven't established whether it was an intentional hit-and-run case.

"We haven't determined if there was any malice involved. The driver may not have known that they'd struck anybody," said Drew Fowler with the Seattle Police Department.

A woman named Christine was in the area at the time of the crash. She didn't see the impact, but had a good views of what happened next.

"I looked up and I saw a big, lime green truck and there was a woman who was trapped behind the back wheel of the truck on the passenger side and she was dragged about half way down the block. She was dislodged and then the truck just kept driving," she said.

Officers are still working to identify the type of truck involved, but witnesses described it as a large commercial truck that was lime green in color. They are also working to identify the victim.

Jackson Street will be closed between 8th and 9th Avenue through the evening for the investigation.

Updates to follow as more details become available