Seattle Police help 'Get Your Bike Back' with new Twitter feed

SEATTLE - Missing a bike? All is not lost, as it could be sitting in storage at the Seattle Police Department's evidence warehouse.

Seattle Police launched @GetYourBikeBack Monday, a program designed to utilize Twitter's outreach and simplicity to help reunite lost bikes with their owners. The account has already started tweeting descriptions of recently found bikes, and the plan is to continue updating the feed with recently recovered bikes.

According to police, plenty of theft victims don't file a report because they think they do not have enough information, like the bike's serial number, to make a report. What people don't know, is a sales receipt, photo, or detailed descriptions are all acceptable ways to identify your bike.

"People think that if they don't have their bike's serial number, they can't make a stolen bicycle report," said Found Property Detective Michael Whidbey in a statement. "You don't absolutely need a serial number to get your bike back, but it does expedite the process."

If @GetYourBikeBack tweets a photo of a bike you believe is yours, email mentioning the tweet, and all information or unique traits that prove the bike is yours. If you filed a report, just provide the case number in the email along with your contact information.

The Twitter feed is a work-in-progress, and detectives say they won't be answering any emails about the nearly 500 bikes that are not posted on the feed but currently sitting in storage. Those bikes, if not claimed, will be donated to charities.