Seattle police: Bullets fly in early morning shootout between 2 cars

SEATTLE - At least 22 shots were fired, including one that went through an apartment window, during an early morning shootout between two vehicles along Boren Avenue and Stewart Street in Seattle, police said.

The incident unfolded just before 4 a.m. Saturday when dispatchers received a report of shots fired at the King County Sobering Center at 1930 Boren Avenue.

Police initially believed that a suspect on foot had fired the shots, and took a man into custody at the scene. But further investigation determined that the man was not armed. He said he was outside the center and ran when he heard the shots.

Other witnesses were interviewed who said they saw people in two vehicles shooting at each other on Boren Avenue south of the Sobering Center.

According to varying reports, one vehicle was a black SUV and another was a white sedan, of unknown makes and models. Their last known direction was towards the freeway on-ramp on Yale Avenue.

Officers recovered 15 shell casings along Boren Avenue from Stewart to Howell Street. Another seven 9-mm shell casings were found along Stewart Street from Boren Avenue.

Three bullet holes were found in plywood construction sheeting at the SW corner of Boren Avenue and Stewart Street.

Officers then searched the apartment building west of the construction site and located a second-floor window that had been hit by an apparent rifle round.

Officers talked to the resident of apartment, who was unharmed. However, the bullet pierced two panes of glass and the window shade before becoming embedded in an interior wall of the apartment.

The suspects in the two vehicles are unknown. There were no reported injuries or shooting victims located.